Save money by better insights in your expenses

Connect your bunq account safely, sort some transactions and get an overview of your monthly expenses.

How it works


Connect in seconds

Connect your bunq-account using the digital safety standard oAuth. We don’t store (or even see) passwords and only access the info we need.


Swipe in minutes

Drag your transactions to the right category. We automatically did most of them for you, so it will only take a minute or so.


Save for life

Get insights on where most of your money goes and start saving on unnecessary things. Most people spend €50 on unnecessary things per month, start saving today.

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Is Monyca safe?

Yes, Monyca is safe. We were official launch partners with bunq when they announced oAuth and we work together closely with their team. We don’t store (or even see) passwords and we’re not able to make transactions.

Who created Monyca?

Monyca is founded by Kasper Dolk and Jordy Sinke. Monyca is not owned or affiliated by bunq in any way, however we work together closely with the team to create the best experience possible.

Why is Monyca paid?

We chose for a subscription model because we know investing 99 cents a month is worth it. The insights you’ll get will help you save money (way more than that 99 cent) and you’ll get access to all powerful future updates for free too.

Start saving money today

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